Perchè è tradizione scambiarsi regali a natale?

Why is it traditional to exchange gifts at Christmas?

Receiving a Christmas gift from a loved one is a gesture that makes us happy, but have you ever wondered * where this tradition comes from?

The custom of exchanging gifts between adults has very ancient origins, according to legend it was the king of the Sabines Tito Tazio, who lived 700 years before Christ, who started this custom: every New Year's Eve he asked his subjects for a twig as a gift laurel or olive tree picked in the sacred wood of the goddess Strenia (hence the word "strenna") as a symbol of good luck for prosperity and abundance. Since then, even ordinary citizens began to give each other these sacred branches.

The exchange of Christmas gifts, on the other hand, has more religious sources, in fact it dates back to the birth of Christ, in particular to the gifts that the Magi Kings gave to the baby Jesus, gold, incense and myrrh. That's why Christmas gifts are usually packed in precious boxes or wrapping paper. Since then, Christmas has become a sacred day in the Christian tradition and towards the end of the Middle Ages it became a custom to bring gifts to children to remind them of the birth of Jesus as a moment of joy.

Even if today the Christmas gift has taken on a more consumerist and far from ancient tradition, in any case, it represents a thought that we receive or dedicate to the other and which in part retains that playful spirit we had as children.

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