About us


Blackdrops comes from an idea by Luigi Marchetti, Modenese entrepreneur in the industrial automation sector (www.proteoeng.com).

From an early age Luigi lived among the vinegars in the homeland of balsamic vinegar, in Spilamberto di Modena. He shared this passion with Filippo Barbieri who over the years began to appreciate this exquisite dressing, especially after his choice of food for a natural diet.

So one day they decide to start Black Drops, thanks to the ability to combine the tradition of a century-old product with the skills of computer science and marketing group Freedom and Wealth (www.libertaericchezza.com) who for some years has been composed by Filippo together with his sons Francesco and Leonardo, Francesco is an expert in online and offline marketing, while Leonardo is a computer programmer.

Skills and passions become so transversal to the different generations that come together to bring this fantastic product, absolutely natural, to marry the world of ecommerce, in the sign of Made in Italy and authenticity at the table.

Black Drops aims to select the best balsamic vinegar from hundreds of local producers to put their own label, to always bring to the table an exceptional product.