Come aromatizzare l'olio extravergine d'oliva

How to flavor extra virgin olive oil

Starting with a simple extra virgin olive oil, we can make a production of many new oils in our kitchen as well, to flavor our most classic dishes and reinvent them to our liking! What we need is a dark glass bottle, some extra virgin olive oil that you can find in our Oils section, and a flavor to our liking.

The most classic combinations are truffle, chili, garlic and herb flavored oil.

To make truffle oil, you need to get a very good piece of truffle, cut it into pieces and let it steep for about two weeks; it is not necessary to buy a large quantity of truffle, because the flavor is very strong and persistent in itself.

Chili oil is perhaps the most accomplished, because everyone likes it and it is very versatile in gastronomy, especially for making a good garlic, oil and chili pasta. It is advisable to use the classic Italian chili pepper, the Calabrian one, which according to the Scoville scale is the least spicy among all the varieties on sale.

To make a good garlic oil, just let garlic cloves cut in half steep in oil for about a month.

For herb oil, you need to follow the same steps, using rosemary or sage or basil instead of garlic. Of course, you can also make a mix, letting garlic, oil and mixed herbs infuse to make a really distinctive but delicate oil for your grilled meats and custom recipes.

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