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Olio Colle

Eclisse - Extra Vergin Olive Oil - Colle Oil

Eclisse - Extra Vergin Olive Oil - Colle Oil

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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Colle Oil" 100% Italian cold extraction expresses aromatic notes typical of the fresh oils of the mill with light fruity hints, while maintaining a sweet and delicate tone, appreciated by most palates.

The color is yellow-green with golden reflections. Its neutrality and low acidity make it very digestible.
Colle Oil is ideal for use on the table for very refined raw condiments or over an excellent freshly caught fish.


We bottle our oil just before shipping it, so as not to compromise the freshness, fragrance and taste of the product itself.

As is well known, the fragrance of the oil tends to fade over the months and our goal is to give the maximum result to each of our customers.


The packages, bottled and made entirely by hand one by one, are presented in an elegant case of fine black color with logo printing in hot gold, and finally sealed with Tuscan red sealing wax. You can leave it on your table enclosed in its wrapper, without having to discard it, so you always have a work of art at hand.


Inside each package we issue the certificate of analysis, which shows the exact degree of acidity, the value of peroxides and the spectrophotometric examination that certifies the genuineness and freshness of the product.


Avoid exposing the oil bottle to light or heat sources without its casing in order not to alter its extraordinary properties.

Therefore it is advisable not to completely discard the packaging during its use, but only the top of the wrapper (as shown below). 

N.B.: *During the harvest in the months of October, November and December of each year, will be bottled only and exclusively the Extra Virgin Olive Oil NOVELLO therefore subjected to a slight natural decantation at the bottom of each bottle. It is therefore advisable to shake the bottle at least once a week to prevent the small particles of vegetation water from settling. Avoid exposing to light the oil without its casing in order not to alter its characteristics.



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