Ciccioli Frolli: La prelibatezza Italiana dalla storia secolare e dal sapore unico

Ciccioli Frolli: The Italian delicacy with a centuries-old history and a unique flavor

Maybe you've seen them displayed on the deli counter at the supermarket, and you've often wondered what they were. Those solid, irregularly shaped, light brown pieces with a crunchy and crumbly appearance that make your mouth water… pork cracklings . But what are they? 

One of the most famous mottos of the Italian gastronomic tradition is " Nothing is thrown away from the pig ". Have you heard that too?

Ciccioli are an exquisite product of the Italian peasant tradition , appreciated for their unique and decisive flavour . Their centuries-old history and the variety of their types make them a delicacy to be enjoyed and appreciated on every occasion.

The history of greaves dates back to the Middle Ages, a period in which the peasant tradition was based on the maximum use of available resources. At that time, cracklings were already present on peasant tables, accompanied by polenta, and were a precious resource for families that have been handed down from generation to generation, up to the present day. 

Pork cracklings are full of history and flavour. Although they were originally created to take advantage of every part of the pig, today they are a delicacy appreciated for their unique and irresistible taste . Today the most valuable parts of the pig are used, such as the bacon and throat, to prepare this exquisite product. 

Although they are known as ciccioli in Italian, their original name changes from city to city, from grasu l in Romagna to graséi in the Piacenza area. But what makes them truly unique is their key ingredient: pork fat . There are different types of cracklings, each of which has its own characteristic taste.

Pork cracklings can be flavored with aromas such as laurel, chilli pepper, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon or black pepper, to name just a few. They often change from province to province, city to city and manufacturer to manufacturer. The important thing is that the aromas are incorporated into the mixture in a uniform way, giving the cracklings their inimitable taste.

Ciccioli have conquered the palate of many thanks to their irresistible flavour, becoming a perfect snack for any moment of the day or as an aperitif , to be enjoyed accompanied by a glass of Lambrusco. Furthermore, crumbled, they can give an extra touch of flavor to bread, pizza and focaccia.

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