Tradizioni culinarie di pasqua in italia: piatti tipici e dolci regionali

Easter culinary traditions in Italy: typical dishes and regional desserts

Easter is approaching and like every holiday, it brings with it traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation, from family to family. After the period of fasting and renunciations of Lent , families finally get together to celebrate the importance of the rebirth of nature and life and it is a moment of joy in which special dishes are shared .

Each Italian region has its own customs and culinary traditions . Let's discover together some of the typical dishes that are tasted in different parts of the country.


In Piedmont, traditional Easter dishes include roast lamb, stuffed artichokes and asparagus omelette. You cannot miss the typical Torta Pasqualina, a savory pie filled with chard and eggs, which symbolizes the resurrection of Christ. The Easter cake par excellence in Piedmont is the Piedmontese dove which differs from the Milanese one due to the presence of hazelnuts and amaretti biscuits in the dough and the dark chocolate icing and is served for breakfast or as a snack throughout the Easter week.


In Campania, among the typical dishes, we find baked lamb, stuffed eggs and casatiello, a savory pie filled with cheese, salami and hard-boiled eggs. The most famous Easter cake in Campania is the Neapolitan pastiera, a cake made with ricotta cheese, cooked wheat, candied fruit and scented with orange blossom. The pastiera is a symbol of the rebirth of nature and life, which is celebrated with the return of spring.


In Sardinia, typical dishes are prepared such as cooked ham with myrtle, lamb with Vernaccia and rice and broad bean soup. The Easter cake par excellence is the pardula , a small cake filled with fresh cheese, sugar and lemon zest. The pardula symbolizes the rebirth of nature and the purity of the soul, thanks to its rounded shape and soft white texture.


In Calabria, typical dishes are prepared such as kid in the oven and timbale nduja and Parmigiano Reggiano . The Calabrian Easter dessert par excellence is the pitta 'mpigliata, a pie made with shortcrust pastry filled with walnuts, almonds, dried figs, grape jam and spices. The pitta 'mpigliata is a symbol of abundance and prosperity, which is celebrated in the joy of Easter.

Emilia Romagna

In Emilia Romagna, the traditional dishes are green lasagna, roast lamb or roast rabbit, very tasty dishes that symbolize the abundance of the spring harvest. Among the desserts, depending on the area, we find the Colomba di Pavullo in the Modena area, the rice cake in the Bologna area, in the Forlì area the Pagnotta Romagna and in the Rimini area the donut from Romagna, which in Romagna is called zambela or brazadela.

Despite the different culinary traditions of the various regions of Italy, there is a dessert that unites the whole country: the Easter dove . The Easter Colomba is a cake in the shape of a dove, with a soft consistency and an intense aroma of vanilla and citrus fruits. The Easter dove is a symbol of peace and hope , and is offered as a gift to relatives and friends as a sign of affection and wishes for a happy new year .

But if you want to make the moment of tasting the Easter dove special , you absolutely must try the combination with Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP "Affinato" aged 12 years - Black Drops and whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. It might seem unusual, but in reality it is a unique and surprising taste experience that will leave even the most demanding palates speechless . The sweet and sour taste of the balsamic vinegar marries perfectly with the sweetness of the dove, creating a gustatory contrast that enhances both flavours. The balsamic vinegar can be poured directly on the dove, or used to prepare a light sauce to accompany the dessert.

If, on the other hand, you want to prepare a special dessert: cut the dove into slices, pour a few drops of balsamic vinegar on top and serve with a scoop of ice cream. The final result will be a surprising dessert , with a unique and original flavour.

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