Il Veganismo: un'opzione di vita con sfide da affrontare

Veganism: a life option with challenges to face

In recent years, veganism is becoming more and more popular and more and more people decide to adopt this diet and lifestyle. However, this argument often creates arguments between those who support it and those who oppose it, causing conflicts. According to a 2022 Eurispes survey, only 1.3% of the population in Italy follows a vegan diet .

Being vegan doesn't just mean avoiding foods of animal origin, but also adopting a lifestyle that is consistent with this choice, which is reflected in the choice of clothing and cosmetic products free from animal derivatives. Veganism represents a lifestyle that excludes any products of animal origin.

A vegan diet offers several benefits, such as a reduction in the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer, as well as respect for the environment and animal rights. However, some problems may arise, such as the risk of nutritional deficiencies which can be avoided by choosing foods carefully and integrating essential nutrients.

In the vegan diet you can consume fruit, vegetables, cereals, legumes, seeds and nuts. It is important to choose foods rich in protein , iron , calcium and vitamins D and B12 , which can be obtained from plant sources such as spinach, broccoli, legumes, pumpkin seeds and tofu. To replace meat in a vegan diet, substitutes such as seitan, tofu, tempeh or soy products can be used, which offer a similar nutritional contribution. However, it's important to choose vegan products that are also nutritious and not too high in saturated fat or sugar.

Being vegan can come with some challenges, such as the need to take vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure that all nutritional needs are met, and the difficulty of finding certified vegan products which are sometimes more expensive.

If you decide to adopt a 100% vegan diet, it is important to pay attention to product labels, especially when shopping at the supermarket. While there are departments dedicated entirely to veganism today, it's not always easy to avoid ingredients of animal origin. For example, a balsamic vinegar could contain traces of gelatin or whey, therefore it is necessary to check if the label states the absence of these ingredients and if the product is vegan certified to be sure of choosing a vegan balsamic vinegar .

In summary, going vegan is not easy and requires careful planning to ensure a balanced and healthy diet. What do you think about it?

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