I Salumi della Tradizione Ferrarese

Traditional Ferrarese cured meats

Unless you've married a vegetarian or vegan type of food, you'll be resorted * several times to the classic charcuterie board as an entry dish!

Easy, fast, and very tasty, the cold cuts platter represents the must of the Italian antipasto, the one that has opened important lunches and dinners for years and which in the last decade has accompanied the convivial moment of the aperitif.

But that's not all… do we want to forget the smell of freshly cut mortadella stuffed into a sandwich for a quick and tasty lunch? Or the explosive combination of raw and melon, a typical summer dish, ideal for both lunch and dinner! Not to mention him, the oldest sausage which, combined with lentils, opens the dance to the new year? Yes, Mr. Cotechino

Cured meats have always colored our table, with piada or fried dumplings, with cheeses and jams, with bread, with vegetables and fruit…

That's why we have chosen to enrich our online store with a new partnership with Salumificio Magnoni, a Ferrara-based salami company since 1945!

Salumificio Magnoni processes fresh pork every day from DOP breeding circuits to produce typical Ferrarese cured meats such as salame all'aglio , la zia ferrarese , coppa di testa , bacon rolled up with garlic , rolled bacon with pepper , cotechino, the Salama da Sugo and more…

The Salama da Sugo is the spearhead of the Magnoni family, a typical Ferrarese product that represents a source of pride for the Magnoni Company, produced scrupulously following ancient recipes and rigorously using selected meats and quality red wine , obtaining the IGP mark in 2014 – Protected Geographical Indication. 

Salama is generally eaten hot: the meat is extracted with a spoon or the skin is removed entirely and, still whole, it is placed in a suitable container to collect the sauce that comes out when it is cut into slices or wedges. With a side dish of mashed potatoes, to which is added a spoonful of the red sauce that comes out during the cutting of the Salama, it is a superlative single dish!

But how to present cured meats in a way that is as attractive for the eyes as for the mouth? Here are all the rules:

  1. Serve the sliced ​​meats strictly on a wooden chopping board, preferably olive wood, precious and resistant to scratches.
  2. Combine cold cuts of different flavors and textures, lean and fat, at least 7 or 8, both raw and cooked. Expect at least 2 slices of cured meat for each guest (about 50 grams).

Raw: raw ham, speck, bacon, coppa, bacon, sausage, lard, loin, bresaola.

Cooked: mortadella, cooked ham, porchetta, head in a box and roasted ham.

  1. Arrange the different types of cured meats side by side (and not on top of each other) following this order: salami, bresaola, cooked ham, raw ham, mortadella , bacon.
  2. Match some cheeses and don't forget a good wine, the dancing is on!

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