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V.G. Volpelli Giuliano

Salami Campagnolo - 0,4/0,6 kg

Salami Campagnolo - 0,4/0,6 kg

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Salame Campagnolo is a cured sausage made from carefully selected fine Italian pork and is known to be among the most classic Italian cured meats.

With very ancient origins, Salame Campagnolo has strong ties to the culinary tradition of northern Italy. This kind of salami is characterized by a compact, coarse-grained mixture. The secret that makes this sausage unique lies in the choice of cuts, which undergo a meticulous selection process thanks to which a balanced combination of meats is achieved. A procedure that guarantees a final product of high quality and unique flavor. The cuts of meat used to produce Salame Campagnolo are: the shoulder from which the lean part is obtained and which gives the salami its typical bright red color; the pancettone which is essential to form the fatty part that will undergo specific processing to obtain the typical grain. Every component used in the production of this salami has been carefully selected in order to obtain a product that fully respects tradition and the company's ancient recipe, which has been handed down from generation to generation for more than 70 years.

Salame Campagnolo is also known for its evident craftsmanship, achieved through several processing steps, including traditional hand tying, still done in a few companies. A process carried out to this day with the craftsmanship of yesteryear and that makes Salame Campagnolo a sausage from another era. The sweet and delicate taste characteristic of this cured meat is obtained from the long seasoning to which the sausage is subjected and the spicing, with natural flavors, used to flavor the mixture.

Historical background

Salame Campagnolo is among the sausages of Italian gastronomic tradition with the oldest origins. Thanks to some evidence that has come down to us to this day, this sausage was already produced by the ancient Romans and that it was perfected over the centuries, especially during the Middle Ages. Subsequently, the production of this salami became more and more intense until around 500 it was defined by the name we still use today.

Cutting is done on site after the order is processed, this is to maintain the freshness and quality of the product; therefore, the delivery time for this product varies from 4 to 7 days.



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