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Torre Maestra

Extra Virgin Olive Oil "ESSENZIALE" 0,75 lt - Torre Maestra

Extra Virgin Olive Oil "ESSENZIALE" 0,75 lt - Torre Maestra

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Produced from strictly local olives.

ORIGIN ITALY: Bisceglie-Trani collection place.
VARIETY OF OLIVES: Coratine, Ogliarola (minimum%).
AROMATIC NOTES: Fresh fruity, herbaceous hints with notes of artichoke.
ADDITIVES: none at all.
TRADITIONAL PRESSING: Cold (temperatures below 27 ºC).
The olives are harvested mechanically in order to preserve the fruit from contact with the ground. Olives Frante within 24 hours of harvest.
STORAGE ENVIRONMENT: dark, dry at constant and controlled temperature, in stainless steel containers with no air to avoid oxidation.
Acidity: 0.2% (lower or equal limit values 0.8%).
Polyphenols: High value (antioxidant substances able to guarantee a real therapeutic action).
Energy 3389kJ /824 Kcal
Grassi 92g
Of which: saturated 14 gr
Carbohydrates 0 gr
Of which sugars 0 gr
Protein 0gr
Salt 0gr


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